Black Queen's Classified Files (Character Profile Archive)

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Black Queen's Classified Files (Character Profile Archive)

Post by stolenFable on Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:50 pm

Depending on your species, some parts may not apply to you. (i.e. Blood Color, Guardian/Lusus, Chumhandle/Trolltag, etc.)  If so, then please delete the irrelevant option.
Also, please delete all text in brackets (save for the BBCode formatting). (Age Calculator)
[b]Age:[/b] [Trolls put number of years in parentheses; calculator above.]
[b]Physical Description:[/b] [Just to give the basic idea.  If you have a picture, post the link.]
[b]Personality:[/b] [Please, please, PLEASE don't just put down a boring 'ol list of traits. Frame your OC's strengths and weaknesses in a sentence - or several, if you want to!]
[b]Background:[/b] [Simple summary of influential life events.]

[b]Dream Moon:[/b]
[b]Captchalogue Fetch Modus:[/b] [Can be something that adds a bit of a flair to the character's item retrieval, but doesn't have to be.]
[b]Strifekind Allocation(s):[/b]

[b]Home:[/b] [Trolls should put a brief description of their hive's surroundings (by the sea, in a tree, something like that).]
[b]Guardian / Lusus:[/b]
[b]Ancestor:[/b] [A person's closest ectobiological relative - humans should only put something here if their Guardian is not also their Ancestor (Think along the lines of John and Jade!), while Trolls should put a name fitting to their own character. (E.g. "The Partisan", "The Scholar", "The Observer".)]
[b](D)Ancestor Classpect:[/b] [Post-Scratch Character Classpect]

[b]Chumhandle / Trolltag:[/b]
[b]Typing Style / Quirk:[/b] [Humans don't need quirks, though if you have a natural typing difference you can put that here. (E.g. SF's constant multi-lining.)]
[b]Eye / Blood Color:[/b] [Humans just delete the word "blood".]

[b]Cruxite and/or Sprite Color:[/b]
[Note: Leave sprite stuff blank if undecided, then fill in when relevant.]
[b]Sprite Name:[/b] [<noun>sprite (E.g. Harlequinsprite, Crowsprite)]
[b]Sprite Description:[/b] [Visual and mannerisms.]
[b]Land Name:[/b] [Land of ___ and ___]
[b]Land Description:[/b] [Give a brief description of what someone would see or find if they visited your character's land.]

[b]Other Notes:[/b] [Special aspects of the character or situation that are relevant to the plot.  Else put "N/A".]

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Nicole (Nick) DeMagio - The Page of Rage

Post by torpedoArson on Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:32 pm

Name: Nick (Short for Nicole) DeMageo
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Physical Description: Purple eyes, shoulder-length black hair tied in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.  She wears a tank-top with a purple Super Sayan hairdo picture on it, and wears a dark grey pair of shorts.
Personality: Think "Xbox Kid." She idolizes her sister and tries to be like her in every way she can and this includes trying to "mentor" others on occasion. /* will add more later, am lazy af rn */
Background: She has lived in San Diego, California for her entire life.  Her Sis owns an appartment building, but uses the top two floors as residence for herself and Nick.  Her Sis frequently sets up a variety of traps around their two floors, to keep Nick on her toes and train her for playing Sburb.  This is partially a passive-agressive gesture out of resentment towards Nick being the one who plays Sburb, instead of herself, but Nick will likely never realize this.

Classpect: Page of Rage
Dream Moon: Derse
Captchalogue Fetch Modus: Reader - Items which are captchalogued are permenantly destroyed, but a list of the name and code of every item which the user has ever captchalogued is saved permanently and is visible in a list on the back of the modus.
Strifekind Allocation: 2xPistolkind

Home: San Diego, California
Guardian: Her Sis
Ancestor Classpect: Knight of Rage

Chumhandle: torpedoArson
Typing Style / Quirk: ALL CAPS. ALL THE TIME.
Eye Color: Dark Purple (#7a2b77)

Cruxite and/or Sprite Color: Light Purple (#cc49c6)
Land Name: Land of Pits and Bullshit
Land Description: This land seems to be coated in a thick brown sludge, which, upon closer examination, is revealed to be made almost entirely out of the feces of male cows. There are numerous pits throughout the area, which connect to a large underground cave system.

Sprite Name: Not yet created (Probably going to be Sistersprite)
Sprite Description: Again, not yet created

Other notes: N/A

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Shadow Delone - The Rogue of Doom

Post by neolithicCoder on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:05 pm

Name: Shadow Delone
Species: Troll
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Sweeps (15 years)
Physical Description:
Personality: He has trouble understanding the emotions of others, this is his Major weakness alongside his blind devotion to Equius. His strength however is developing technology, although machinery is what he's known for, he believe's he's better in the software department. /* and he has a program to prove it. */

Classpect: Rogue of Doom
Dream Moon: Derse
Captchalogue Fetch Modus: Decode Modus. You have to solve an encryption with very few hints to get something out, if you fail even once, the item you were trying to acquire will shoot out at a deadly speed.
Strifekind Allocation(s): Blade Kind

Hive: It's surroundings are pretty barren with the exception of a sea nearby, where Faulin's hive is located a short distance away.
Lusus: Cat
Ancestor: The Decoder
Dancestor Classpect: Maid of Doom

Trolltag: neolithicCoder
Typing Style / Quirk: Replace "o" and "i" both lower and upper case with 0 and 1 respectively
Eye / Blood Color: Neon Green #83F52C

Cruxite and/or Sprite Color: Neon Green #83F52C
Sprite Name:
Sprite Description:
Land Name: Land of Doom and Silence
Land Description: A desolate place with history of a once brilliant landscape, that had met it's doom. The amount of Metals and Uranium that can be found on this land gives some clues.

Other Notes: He has a failsafe located on his PC in the event of him dying.

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Lucas Holden - The Thief of Hope

Post by stolenFable on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:18 am

Name: Lucas Holden
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Physical Appearance:
Personality: Lucas' personality, to be summed up simply, is confident.  He's very open in expressing his ideas, has the self-esteem of a god, and often works to make sure everyone gets out of a situation the best they can.  He always hopes for a better situation, a better self, a better life, though fate never seems to have that in store for long.
However, truly he is very emotionless and apathetic, to the point of barely feeling anything at all.  On the rare occasions his emotions do shine through, it is generally an overwhelming sense of loneliness and grief.  He may seem misanthropic at times, but that's due to his overwhelming fear of abandonment.  He takes great joy in the things that happen to make him even the least bit happy, such as interacting and messing with people.  However, he struggles to make friends, due to instinctively keeping them at arm's length to prevent himself from being hurt.
Despite all this, he doesn't just wallow in his circumstances; he fights to regain his humanity every day.
Background: Despite having everything he could ask for, Lucas left home at a young age, wishing to not be stuck in an endless daily loop like so many others.  He found joy in conning, his ability to manipulate others letting him excel at it.  Over the years, he accumulated several items of great value through his deeds, but never sold any he didn't have to.  Instead he only gathered up enough money to move to another city, nothing more.  Maybe it was a desire to see the world, maybe it was to run from his past, who knows, all that matters is that one day he found himself on a street corner in New York City, observing a game of Three-Card Monte.  Intrigued, he decided to join in, and ended up walking away with all of the man's money.  Later that day, the man's shill came banging on his apartment door.  Lucas expected that he'd want the money back, but to his surprise he said "keep it".  The shill said he realized that despite all the time he'd been running with the man, he didn't catch Lucas' switch, and realized he could do better than a two-bit street hustler.  So he decided to see if Lucas was up for a few gigs; Lucas had the looks, and the shill - named John - had the brains.  Together they wreaked havoc on rich businessmen and art galleries alike.  However, things came to a head once the FBI caught on their trail.  Despite John's urges for Lucas to go straight, all Lucas wanted was one last score.  It was only once the whole thing went horribly wrong and John was arrested that he realized he had gone too far.  So with his last illicit deed he broke John out of prison, and they parted ways.  Lucas did indeed go straight, until a strange wallet found its way into his possession two months later...

Classpect: Thief of Hope
Dream Moon: Prospit
Captchalogue Fetch Modus: Wallet
Strifekind Allocation(s): Cardkind

Home: Command Station Gamma: One of the four human command stations, Gamma was carried in the meteor that destroyed the Dunmeyers' house.  As such, it is a boon for Lucas, allowing him to communicate with Nick and others despite residing in a doomed world.  The station is completely buried in the dirt save for the upper hatch, which is barely visible through the ground.  When Gamma is transported to LoIaT, the surrounding rock and dirt aren't transported with it.
As with all Command Stations, the facility itself is shaped like its host's server's cruxite artifact.
Guardian: BUD (Jon Cooper [actually Nicholas Holden], a lifelong friend [and unwillingly-time-jumping ectobiological relative (I should have made Lucas a Hero of Time with how many time loops he's involved in.)])
Ancestor Classpect: Heir of Time

Chumhandle: stolenFable
Typing Style / Quirk: Leaves ending periods off, often uses too many messages to communicate a single thought.
Eye Color: Lightning Blue (#3385ff)

Cruxite and/or Sprite Color: Pale Red (#ED5050)
Sprite Name:
Sprite Description:
Land Name: Land of Ice and Thunder
Land Description: The skies of LoIaT are perpetually filled with dark clouds, intracloud lightning causing them to flicker intermittently.  The surface is for the most part snowy tundra, with sky-splitting mountains of black granite interspersed throughout.

Other Notes: The Command Station allows Lucas access to a sendificator and appearifier, as well as the ability to commune with (influence the thoughts and actions of and communicate with) Nicole through the command line.

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Pythia Retina - The Seer of Heart

Post by whimsicalVisionary on Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:39 am

Name: Pythia Retina
Species: Troll
Gender: Female
Age: 7 (15)
Physical Description: Short and small-framed, often wears forehead-covering acessories in order to hide her... third eye.
Personality: Eccentric, friendly and generally easy to talk to. Wants to get to know everyone and help them, but is overly paranoid of people who want to do the same. Scared to death of being found a mutant. [ADD MORE LATER]
Background: [ADD LATER]
Classpect: Seer of Heart
Dream Moon: Prospit
Captchalogue Fetch Modus: Ship modus. You have to form pairs, and can only take out two items at a time.
Strifekind Allocation(s): spearkind, bowkind, and later on wandkind

Guardian / Lusus: Beholder
Ancestor: The Observer
(D)Ancestor Classpect: [Post-Scratch Character Classpect]

Chumhandle / Trolltag: whimsicalVisionary
Typing Style / Quirk: Es become 3s, eye puns, may repeat punctuation thrice. "H3y th3r3 chi3f!!!"
Blood Color: Yellow #CFB53B

Cruxite and/or Sprite Color:
[Note: Leave sprite stuff blank if undecided, then fill in when relevant.]
Sprite Name: [<noun>sprite (E.g. Harlequinsprite, Crowsprite)]
Sprite Description: [Visual and mannerisms.]
Land Name: Land of Islands and Faith
Land Description: [Give a brief description of what someone would see or find if they visited your character's land.]

Other Notes: [Special aspects of the character or situation that are relevant to the plot.  Else put "N/A".]


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Lara Clocker - The Sylph of Time

Post by apocalypticTimekeeper on Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:07 am

Name: Lara Clocker
Species: Human  
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Physical Description: A physically unimpressive girl, Lara has the immediate appearance of a twig.  She is rather lean due to a combination of an importance of Education to her father as well as less-than-average PE.  She is not a heavy-hitter, though she is able to move quickly should the situation arise.  She is often found wearing a Burgundy Suit with a Moss Green Dress Shirt, and her short hair is kept loose.
Personality: A very distant person that is wise beyond her years, Lara Clocker became this way through a rigorous homeschooling program set in place by her father.  She is a caring person to those who choose to associate with her, although her demeanor is rather distant, so to speak, urging people to confront whatever ails them on their own and to do things in their own time.  She insists that the passage of time is a requirement for most things.
Background: Sheltered from the outside world and given an advanced education by her father, as well as growing a fondness for the passage of time and what it allows to be done due to her constant surroundings.

Classpect: Sylph of Time  
Dream Moon: Prospit
Captchalogue Fetch Modus:
Strifekind Allocation(s): Clockkind

Home: Located in a big city, Lara's home is the floor directly above her father's shop, the Famous Clocker's Clock Shop.
Guardian: Her Father, Tim Clocker.  
Ancestor: Her Grandfather, Sure Clocker.
(D)Ancestor Classpect: Mage of Space

Chumhandle / Trolltag: apocalypticTimekeeper
Typing Style: Includes words of wisdom towards the end of the conversation, mostly about Time.
Eye Color: Hazelnut (#663300)

Cruxite and/or Sprite Color: Coral Red (#FF6F60)
Sprite Name: Grandfatherclocksprite
Sprite Description: Vast and all-knowing, which is a moot point considering it can't communicate.  Also a fairly accurate timekeeper.
Land Name: Land of Sundials and Torridness
Land Description: A land with a giant Sundial in every gathering of consorts, depending on the size of the population (A moderate sculpture for a village, a giant skyscraper for a city), and an extreme heat that will not be done away with by normal means.  The population keeps using short-term solutions to rid themselves of the heat, simply making it worse as time passes.

Other Notes: TBD


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Re: Black Queen's Classified Files (Character Profile Archive)

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